Team B Wrapping It Up in Tamale

Despa! Good morning to our friends and family. These last two days have been our final days in our village, Libi. We continued household monitoring to make sure all household buckets were working properly and that everyone was using their new, clean drinking water. Everyone in Libi had positive things to say about the water and almost all the households were storing the buckets off of the ground and using a special drinking cup. In particular, there was an older woman in the village who was especially grateful. She told us that she had been very sick of late and her doctor prescribed clean drinking water as her medicine. Because Libi is secluded and potable water is expensive, it was hard for her to follow this order. Since we implemented Libi’s water treatment center she will be able to take her medicine – clean water – everyday! We visited 70 households total! Today we also put up the CWS sign for Libi so that everyone who passes by the village knows it is part of the CWS program. We are very proud that we were able to sponsor Libi as the 2012 Winter Fellows!

After all the work was finished, we handed out clothes and candy to the kids. “Handed out” ended up being mass chaos so Wahab, our fearless translator, had to take over the distribution of shirts and lollipops. He thoroughly enjoyed himself! We all wish we could have given them more. We have all enjoyed our time in Libi and Tamale and have lots of fond memories to take home with us. On Monday it’s back to Accra.

See you soon U.S.!

-Whitney, Ashley, Jasdeep & Walter