Meet Our Entrepreneurs: Zenabu from Changyili

Changyili - ZenabuZenabu is one of Saha Global’s newest entrepreneurs. She has been working alongside two other women from her community, Damu and Fuseini, to run the water business in Changyilli since June 2014. Before working with Saha, Zenabu was a farmer. Her favorite crop to grow is groundnuts (peanuts). She still finds the time to work on the farm for most of the day, opening the water treatment center in the early mornings and evenings.

Zenabu is a mother to eight children but sadly, two of them passed away when they were very young. She really enjoys being able to provide clean drinking water to the village of Changyili and thinks that it is very important for children to drink healthy water. Zenabu had a great time working with Field Reps Jeremy, Cara, Selana and Brielle last summer and frequently asks Shak, who monitors Changyili, to send her greetings to them!

Voices from the field: Team TJ (Cara, Brielle, Selena & Jeremy)

A flashback to before opening day:

Greetings from Team Teej! (Brielle Jeremy Cara & Selena)

Whether it’s rocking out to Rick Ross’ “Sanctified” or the Tamale Hip-Life legends R2bees, we know how to have a great time.  We are currently working in the village of Changyili, which is only a short drive of 30 minutes out of Tamale.  Along our way we are able to see the local vegetation and markets where the people are always happy to greet us.  No hand wave is left unanswered!
It should be noted that the chief of Changyili is the most relaxed and friendliest elderly man we have had the chance to meet in Ghana.  As he chilled in his home-made recliner stroking his grizzly grey beard and smoking a personal rolled cigarette, he watched us paint our new metal stand that will hold the Polytank full of clean drinking water.


We began our work by setting up the water drums and Polytank, and once the women were selected we were eager to begin training with them. When we finish our work for the day, we usually play with kids in the village. The first game we ever played with them was the infamous “tag”. Thinking that because most of the kids involved were younger and smaller we all expected to easily stay out of reach of being “it”. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that either we had suddenly all become incredibly out-of-shape overnight or these kids were all solid contenders for Usain Bolt.

We’re having a great time and the villagers are really appreciative of CWS, which gives us all great encouragement.  They’re excited that this project is bringing health to their community, and we’re excited that we’re learning so much about their lifestyle.  It’s neat when they teach us the language of Dagbani, let us do hands-on work with them to make their food, and show us games all the kids play.  We get to pet baby goats and laugh with the people through simple means of communication and hand symbols.


As a group we are really looking forward to opening day tomorrow. This will mark the start of the new water business for the women entrepreneurs we have trained for the past two weeks. In addition, this business will provide clean water for the village of Changyili! GO TEAM TEEJ!