New Years Eve In Tamale

Happy New Year! We had a great end to 2011 here in Ghana and celebrated the new year in style at Tamale hot spot, Sparkles. The Fellows started off the last day of 2011 by visiting some of CWS current villages.

Matt, Nester, Alex, and Laura by the Jerigu dugout

In the afternoon the Fellowship team rotated through the lab, where they learned how to do water quality testing with the samples that they took in the CWS villages that morning.

Tim and Janna working hard in the lab

When teams were not in the lab, they were back at the guest house taking part in some awesome team-building exercises. Our Fellowship Leader, Stef, was very involved in summer camp growing up and had a whole toolkit of activities for the teams to participate in!

The spider web - this activity involved a lot of trust in your teammates!
Matt was a pro at the army crawl
A blindfolded race against other teams? Definitely requires a lot of trust in your teammate

After a long day of orientation, the we were ready to ring in the New Year! Everyone had a great time celebrating the end of 2011 at Sparkles!

Michelle, Laura, Zander and Janelle on NYE at Sparkles
Laura, Michelle, Luke, Caitlin, Kelly, Sarah, Katie, Emma, Mark, Kristen and Brittany getting ready to ring in 2012
Sauf, Mohammed, me (kate), Hamza, Stef, Sarah, Janna and Larissa
Laura and Lindsay practicing the West African dance moves that they learned the previous night!
Walter, Peter and Alex on NYE at Sparkles
5...4...3....2....1..... HAPPY NEW YEAR!