Team Building Photos!

With only another day before the fellows go to the field to their villages to begin implementation, the fellows (along with our late-arrival Zoe, who has fit in seamlessly) continued their orientation. They faced a variety of challenges from a rope course to the language barrier, each which they tackled with enthusiasm. I got to watch from the sidelines with my camera in hand.

Evan and Tyler wait to receive Meaghan from Krysta and Alex as they fit her through one of the small holes in the rope course. The challenge: if any of the fellows touched the rope, they would all have to start from scratch.


She fits as Abby helps give commands from above.


Our fellows always take the high road. Bridget leaps small ropes courses with a single bound (and a lot of teammates).


Jenn goes full Super Woman, soaring above the competition


Wahab gives Zoe, Alex and Kelsey a lesson in Dagbani in preparation for going into their village

Mark, Moriah and Kelsey digest the pronunciations of Dagbani phrases with the help of Peter

Sarit examines lab results of water samples – the yellow color indicates colony forming bacteria from dugout water samples.

Finally, the fellows watch a riveting performance as Shak, Peter and Kate simulate a typical monitoring conversation