CWS at UNICEF’s Photo Benefit

This past Wednesday, May 30th, CWS was invited to UNICEF’s Water Themed Photo Benefit in New York City. After past fellows, Mira Thompson, Kathryn Padgett, Annie McBride, Heather Vereb and Hannah Hill entered pictures for the contest they had invited someone from CWS to represent the pictures. The pictures were posted on Facebook and the ones with the most “likes” were framed and auctioned off at the Benefit.

The gallery was packed with people and consisted of a celebration of water worldwide with cocktails, appetizers and art! The pictures were all amazing. It was so great seeing the excitement around bidding on the CWS pictures.The two CWS pictures in auction were pictures taken by past fellows Heather Vereb and Kathryn Padgett. Their pictures alone raised $325 for UNICEF!

Thank you UNICEF for inviting CWS to attend this great event, to Mira for letting us know about the photo contest and to our awesome Fellows who entered their pictures!


Me with Kathryn’s piece of art of the left and Hannah’s on the right!