Orientation Day 1: Bonding, Learning, Scavengering, & Dancing!

Yesterday was the first day of orientation for the 2012 Summer Fellows, and it was jam-packed! We started the morning with a couple quick icebreakers to help everyone learn each others’ names. With 23 Fellows its hard to keep track of all of the new faces at first!

The 2012 Summer Fellows
Kelsey playing Giranimo. The game may seem tame, but it goes from this…


to this in a matter of seconds!

Next our Fellowship Leaders, Ben and Hudson, taught the Fellows all about the Global Water Crisis, Water-Related Disease, and how to stay healthy while working in Ghana.

Ben talking about the global water crisis and the MDGs
The Fellows, listening intently to the presentations

After a break for lunch, the Fellows were grouped into their Fellowship Teams, met their translators, and then headed to town for the CWS Scavenger Hunt! Although they got caught in a quick rainstorm, everyone had a blast!



The Winning Team “Global Pack” Khadijah, Brittni, Sarit, and Marwa. They blew the rest of the teams out of the water!
Team Sparkle: Alex, Olivia, and Kelsey. They can’t wait for Zoe to arrive in Tamale today to join them!
Team Scrub and Bubbles (best name award!): Kelsey, Moriah, and Mark

We finished off the day with an awesome performance by some local drummers and dancers!

These guys were amazing!

Each Fellow had a chance to dance on stage. I gotta say, our Fellows have got some moves!

Megan breakin it down
Matt’s moves were pretty amazing
Cameron’s ready to perform with the troupe for their next gig!

Overall it was a pretty awesome first full day in Tamale!