The day after opening day in Kampong, we opened another water treatment business in the neighboring village of Gilanzegu. Like Kampong, we learned about Galinzegu’s need for safe drinking water from unicef who thought that the CWS model would work well in this community – so far they were right!

Galinzegu is a rural village of about 310 people, located in the Central Gonja District of Northern Region Ghana, 40 minutes outside of Tamale. This water treatment business was sponsored by Gerry and Judy O’Connell. Gerry and Judy – thank you so much for your continued support! Here are some pictures from Galinzegu!


CWS assistant program manager, Shak, unloading the 200-L drums for the water treatment center in Gilanzegu

Household in Gilanzegu



Shak, distributing safe storage containers in Gilanzegu.


The CWS ladies in Gilanzegu scooping water from the 200-L drums into the polytank.


Shak recording household numbers on opening day!
The water business was packed on opening day!
The busiest spot in the village!
Thank you Gerry and Judy!!