Support the CWS Fellows!

The Community Water Solutions Winter Fellows are hard at work raising the funds needed to come to Ghana this winter. Each team of 4 must raise $10,000, which covers all of the materials costs for implementing a CWS water treatment center in a village in Ghana (which the fellows will be doing this winter), as well as their in-country travel, lodging, food and insurance. As many of you know, fundraising is an essential component of working for a non-profit, and we believe it is an important skill to teach the CWS Fellows. If you are interested in supporting one of the teams please check out their fundraising websites!

Team 1 – Luke, Mira, Heather and Catherine

Team 2 – Cam, Hannah, Nathan, and Sarah

Team 3 – Lauren, Elsie, Jim and Kathryn

Team 4 – Alexandra, Chris, Kevin, and Marlene

Team 5 – Adelina, Pranav, Sarah, and Shalyn

Team 6 – Karla, Hannah, Annie, and Samantha

Team 7 – Eleanor, Rachel, Fabiola, and Sanita