Summer Fellowship Program Day 3

Today we are lucky to have another guest blogger: fellowship Leader Hannah Hill! Here’s what Hannah had to say about Day 3 of the Fellowship Program:

Yesterday’s agenda was so action packed and so full of excitement that I have not been able to write about everything we did until just now. The fellows awoke with the roosters for their earliest morning yet – a 5:30 am breakfast for a 6 am start. Each team went to monitor water sales at a different CWS village. You can really see the leadership, initiative and creativity that the 28 Summer Fellows have as they go beyond monitoring to fix leaky buckets, bandage wounds, and quickly problem solve all obstacles that arise.

Kendra showing off some water samples in the field
Hudson helping out a small child in the village by bandaging up his wound.

After a rejuvenating lunch of chicken and rice – a Ghana favorite – the teams practiced for their chief meetings and rotated through the lab, testing the dugout and treatment center water they collected from their village that morning.

Kate showing Sharifa and Hudson the ropes in the lab
Christina, Heather,Xi and Cassie practicing their chief meting with their translator Amin

You can really see how the fellows are getting more comfortable with each other and around Tamale as they spend their free time partaking in competitive games of Bananagrams or exploring the Cultural Center and the town market.

Ianthe trying out djembe in the cultural center

After a long day’s work, the group went out for a celebratory dinner at Swad, a CWS favorite. Whether eating the American pizza they craved, the Indian restaurant’s signature Tikki Masala, or a more traditional tilapia and banku, everyone had a wonderful time. My favorite part of today has been that no matter who I’m talking to, or what I’m talking about, every conversation ends with, “And I’m so excited to see my village for the first time tomorrow!” As I write this blog now, the fellows are headed to the field to see their villages. I cannot wait to hear their stories when they return!

– Hannah H.