Every donation makes a difference!

In addition to helping Community Water Solutions provide clean water for rural villages in Ghana, your donations help us pay our wonderful Ghanaian staff, who do everything from translating to implementing water business on their own. Last week was very exciting for Peter, our project manager, because he had finally saved up enough money to purchase a plot of land. Peter is the first person in his family to own land – his parents and grandparents have always  rented homes in town. He is planning to eventually build a compound on this plot where his whole extended family can live.

Peter has been working very hard for CWS over the past 15 months  and has been very responsible – saving his salary little by little. He did not tell his family about his plan to purchase land, and surprised them last Wednesday by driving them out to his plot and showing them his deed! His parents were so proud of him and so are we!

Peter, standing on his plot, holding his deed!

This is just one example of how your donations can really make a difference in the lives of people in Ghana. Thank you so much for your support thus far!!

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