Hard at work at village number SIX!

Cute kids from Gidanturu who came to watch us build the polytank stand!

I am excited to announce that we have started setting up our SIXTH water business in the village of Gidanturu! This water business is sponsored by Colleen and Jeff Clopeck, who have been incredible CWS supporters over the past 1.5 years!

Gidanturu is located on the Salaga Rd (the same road as Jarigu, Cheko, Nyamaliga, and Gbong) about 90 minutes outside of Tamale. Before purchasing the truck, it would have been impossible for us to even consider a village this far away – the taxi fees would have been astronomical and the Salaga road turns to dirt shortly after passing Gbong which makes it very difficult to drive on without 4 wheel drive. This village is the home to ~650-700 people who were desperately in need of safe drinking water, so we are so glad that we have the truck and are able to partner with them!

We are planning to open the water business early next week. Here are some pictures from the past few days:

We LOVE our truck! We only had to take ONE trip out to Gidanturu with supplies for polytank stand!
Gidanturu Dugout
Gidanturu Dugout

One of the elders from Gidanturu hanging out at the future site of the CWS water business
Building the Gidanturu polytank stand
Me with the guys from Gidanturu who helped build the polytank stand (minus Peter who was taking the picture!)
Finishing up the polytank stand!

During our first visit to Gidanturu I noticed that many of the children were wearing funny looking hats. After looking closely, I noticed that the children were raising money for Haiti at their school! I thought that this was SO amazing! Back home, we have things like crowdfunding platforms which make raising money on a large scale so easy, and yet this tiny village in rural Ghana – that we have a hard time reaching in our 4 wheel-drive truck, where people live on less than $1 per day, were also raising money for Haiti! How cool is that?! (and they weren’t just wearing the hats, they were really taking donations!)

Hats that kids in Gidanturu were wearing to try to raise money for Haiti relief - pretty amazing!
Hope for Haiti!