Monitoring in Gidanturu

This week we spent some time monitoring in Gidanturu. Its always so fun to see people using their safe storage containers in their homes. We were very excited about our monitoring results and are so proud of Birami and Mariam, who have been doing an excellent job working at the water treatment center!

Gidanturu customer, proudly showing us how her bucket is kept on a stool (so a cup can easily fit underneath)
Posing with another Gidanturu customer and her safe storage container
Peter and our favorite little girl in Gidanturu. Her family was not home when we distributed the safe storage container but she promised to "open her ears well" and then explain everything that we told her to her parents. She did an awesome job and was SO excited to show us where they keep their safe storage container!
So adorable. This little boy could have died from diarrhea caused by contaminated water (children under 5 are the most vulnerable), but thanks to our awesome village sponsors, Colleen and Jeff Clopeck, he has safe water to drink!
When we stopped by the dugout to check on Barami and Mariam, I spotted this little guy doing his laundry! Definitely the youngest person I have seen doing their own laundry so far!