Monitoring in Gidanturu

This week we spent some time monitoring in Gidanturu. Its always so fun to see people using their safe storage containers in their homes. We were very excited about our monitoring results and are so proud of Birami and Mariam, who have been doing an excellent job working at the water treatment center!

Gidanturu customer, proudly showing us how her bucket is kept on a stool (so a cup can easily fit underneath)
Posing with another Gidanturu customer and her safe storage container
Peter and our favorite little girl in Gidanturu. Her family was not home when we distributed the safe storage container but she promised to "open her ears well" and then explain everything that we told her to her parents. She did an awesome job and was SO excited to show us where they keep their safe storage container!
So adorable. This little boy could have died from diarrhea caused by contaminated water (children under 5 are the most vulnerable), but thanks to our awesome village sponsors, Colleen and Jeff Clopeck, he has safe water to drink!
When we stopped by the dugout to check on Barami and Mariam, I spotted this little guy doing his laundry! Definitely the youngest person I have seen doing their own laundry so far!

Opening Day in Gidanturu

Its only Tuesday, but our team has been so busy this week it feels like it should be Friday! We spent Sunday and Monday passing out safe storage containers to every family in Gidanturu, and training Mariam and Bariami (sp?), the two women who were nominated by their community to run the CWS water business. Then today, we opened for business! Over 90% of the village showed up to buy water, and we even saw a few more people headed to the center as we were leaving (unfortunately we had run out of water due to a leaky polytank, so we closed before those people were able to fetch. Have no worries, the polytank is fixed and more water will be ready tomorrow!) A big THANK YOU to Colleen and Jeff Clopeck for sponsoring this water business!

First batch of dirty water ready to be treated during our "water treatment training"
Miriam and Birami treating the water with alum during day 1 of water treatment training
Water treatment training day 2 - particles from the dugout water have settled at the bottom on the drum
Alum - in case you were wondering what it looked like
Water treatment training day 2 - scooping water into the polytank
Peter teaching a lovely Gidanturian (sp?) lady how to use the tap on her safe storage container
Opening day! Selling water at Gidanturu
Happy customers on opening day in Gidanturu
All set to go - safe storage container filled with clean water!
Recording the households that came to buy water

Gidanturu is home to many fun animals! They actually have crocodiles in their dugout and pet monkeys!

Can you spot the crocodile?

On our way home from Gidanturu we passed an overturned Coke truck – the road was COVERED in broken glass. I had to take a pic!

Hard at work at village number SIX!

Cute kids from Gidanturu who came to watch us build the polytank stand!

I am excited to announce that we have started setting up our SIXTH water business in the village of Gidanturu! This water business is sponsored by Colleen and Jeff Clopeck, who have been incredible CWS supporters over the past 1.5 years!

Gidanturu is located on the Salaga Rd (the same road as Jarigu, Cheko, Nyamaliga, and Gbong) about 90 minutes outside of Tamale. Before purchasing the truck, it would have been impossible for us to even consider a village this far away – the taxi fees would have been astronomical and the Salaga road turns to dirt shortly after passing Gbong which makes it very difficult to drive on without 4 wheel drive. This village is the home to ~650-700 people who were desperately in need of safe drinking water, so we are so glad that we have the truck and are able to partner with them!

We are planning to open the water business early next week. Here are some pictures from the past few days:

We LOVE our truck! We only had to take ONE trip out to Gidanturu with supplies for polytank stand!
Gidanturu Dugout
Gidanturu Dugout

One of the elders from Gidanturu hanging out at the future site of the CWS water business
Building the Gidanturu polytank stand
Me with the guys from Gidanturu who helped build the polytank stand (minus Peter who was taking the picture!)
Finishing up the polytank stand!

During our first visit to Gidanturu I noticed that many of the children were wearing funny looking hats. After looking closely, I noticed that the children were raising money for Haiti at their school! I thought that this was SO amazing! Back home, we have things like crowdfunding platforms which make raising money on a large scale so easy, and yet this tiny village in rural Ghana – that we have a hard time reaching in our 4 wheel-drive truck, where people live on less than $1 per day, were also raising money for Haiti! How cool is that?! (and they weren’t just wearing the hats, they were really taking donations!)

Hats that kids in Gidanturu were wearing to try to raise money for Haiti relief - pretty amazing!
Hope for Haiti!

2010 Summer Fellows!

CWS is excited to announce our first team of Summer Fellows! Congratulations to Molly Barrett, Sarah Britz, Amaia Noguera, Ben Powell, and James Little

This June, the Fellows will be traveling to Ghana were they will learn about the global water crisis and implement a CWS water business in a rural village. Interested in supporting their trip? Check out Molly, Ben, or Sarah‘s fundraising pages!!

Every donation makes a difference!

In addition to helping Community Water Solutions provide clean water for rural villages in Ghana, your donations help us pay our wonderful Ghanaian staff, who do everything from translating to implementing water business on their own. Last week was very exciting for Peter, our project manager, because he had finally saved up enough money to purchase a plot of land. Peter is the first person in his family to own land – his parents and grandparents have always  rented homes in town. He is planning to eventually build a compound on this plot where his whole extended family can live.

Peter has been working very hard for CWS over the past 15 months  and has been very responsible – saving his salary little by little. He did not tell his family about his plan to purchase land, and surprised them last Wednesday by driving them out to his plot and showing them his deed! His parents were so proud of him and so are we!

Peter, standing on his plot, holding his deed!

This is just one example of how your donations can really make a difference in the lives of people in Ghana. Thank you so much for your support thus far!!

If you are interested in making a donation, please visit