March Monitoring Report

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Villages visited

Week 1:
Tunga, Kideng, Gidanturu, Chanaayili, Kpalbusi, Jarayili, Gbung, Libi, Kushini, Kpalyn, Laligu, Zanzugu ,Zanzugu, Yepala, Jangbarigiyili, Yakuru, Balomposo, Changyili, Galizengu, Kuruguvuhuyayili, Kagbal, Warvi, Naha, Chihigu, Cheshagu, Tijo, Tindan I, Sagbarigu, Jagberin, Chandanyili, Kpalguni I, Galinkpegu, Kpachiyili, Manguli II, Wovugu, Wovugumani, Gburma, Janakpen, Yepala, Komlanyili, Kpanshegu, Bamvim, Kpenchila, Sakpalua, Futa, Moya, Kulaa, Vogyili, Kudula, Djelo, Nekpegu, Tohinaayili, Kalinka, Gbandu, Garizegu, Kuldanali, Bogu, Tindan II.

Week 2:
Chongashe, Kushini, Libi, Jarayili, Gidanturu, Chanaayili, Tunga, Kideng, Original Kabache, Indigenous Kabache, Balomposo, Galizengu, Yakuru, Kpalyn, Laligu, Wambong, Kuruguvuhuyayili, Kagbal, Changyili, Jangbarigiyili, Namdu I, Namdu II, Gundaa, Warvi, Chihigu, Naha, Kpachiyili, Kpaliga, Sagbarigu, Kpalguni I, Chandanyili, Jagberin, Tijo, Tindan I, Jarigu, Nyamalga, Cheko, Chani, Tapkli, Komlanyili, Yepala, Futa, Kpalguni II, Kpenchila, Bamvim, Kpanshegu, Manguli I, Buhijaa, Djelo, Yogyili, Kudula, Kulaa, Moya, Kpanayili, Gurumanchayili, Bogu, Tindan II, Kuldanali, Gbandu, Garizegu.

Week 3:
Tunga, Kideng, Original Kabache, Indigenous Kabache, Chongashe, Kushini, Libi, Gbung, Jarayili, Gidanturu, Chanaayili, Sabonjida, Kuruguvuhuyayili, Kagbal, Galizengu, Balomposo, Changyili, Jangbarigiyili, Kpalyn, Laligu, Yakuru, Zanzugu, Zanzugu, Yepala, Cheshagu, Gundaa, Namdu I, Namdu II, Warvi, Chihigu, Galinkpegu, Naha, Sagbarigu, Tindan I, Tijo, Kpalguni, Chandanyili, Jagberin, Kpanshegu, Chani, Cheko, Bamvim, Gburma, Janakpen, Jarigu, Kpenchila, Yepala, Komlanyili, Tapkli, Nyamalga, Kpalguni II, Komonaayili, Kulaa, Moya, Kudula, Vogyili, Garizegu, Gbandu, Djelo, Kuldanali, Bogu, Tindan II, Kpanayili.

Week 4:
Sabonjida, Tunga, Kideng, Chanaayili, Gidanturu, Kpalbusi, Karayili, Gbung, Libi, Chongashe, Kushini, Kpalyn, Yepalsi, Laligu, Zanzugu, Zanzugu Yepala, Yakuru, Jabayili, Wambong, Garizegu, Changyili, Jangbarigiyili, Balomposo, Warvi, Chihigu, Galinkpegu, Cheshagu, Naha, Tindan I, Tijo, Sagbarigu, Jagberin, Chandanyili, Kpalguni I, Namdu I, Namdu II, Gundaa, Tapkli, Chani, Cheko, Nyamalga, Jarigu, Komlanyili, Yepala, Kpanshegu, Bamvim, Kpenchila, Sakpalua, Vogyili, Kudula, Djelo, Manguli I, Moya, Kulaa, Tohinaayili, Nekpegu, Kalinka, Dundo, Gurumanchayili.

Week 5:
Jarayili, Libi, Gbung, Gidanturu, Chanaayili, Kushini, Chongashe, Kagbrashe, Kagbal, Kuruguvuhuyayili, Zanzugu, Zanzugu Yepala, Balomposo, Changyili, Yakuru, Galizengu, Laligu, Kpalyn, Tijo, Tindan I, Sagbargu, Chandanyili, Kpalguni I, Sagbarigu, Warvi, Naha, Galinkpegu, Chihigu, Cheshagu, Kpaliga, Namdu I, Namdu II, Gundaa, Kpalguni II, Futa, Wovugumani, Wovugu, Janakpen, Gburma, Manguli II, Tapkli, Yepala, Kpanshegu, Komlanyili, Gbandu, Garizegu, Kuldanali, Bogu, Tindan II, Kpanayili, Komlanyili, Kalinka, Tohinaayili, Nekpegu, Kulaa, Kudula, Moya.


The percentage of clean water in households that were monitored this month was 84%! This is progress that we are very proud of because it is the third month in a row with over 80% usage. The following water businesses had high sales: Yepalsi, Naha, Moya, Gidanturu, Kpalguni II, Yepala and Sakpalua. Our solar businesses have seen great successes this month. Chandanyili had high solar sales and two additional lanterns were sold in our communities! Gundaa was able to buy extra cell phone chargers this month to support their solar charging center. 42% of the solar businesses have opened bank accounts with the hopes that Chandanyili will open a bank account very soon.

In March we also celebrated World Water Day with a day-long conference at our Tamale office with some of our our water entrepreneurs. The team brought together water business owners from our highest and lowest performing partner communities and lead a day of sharing sales techniques, advice, and community engagement strategies. As always, the conference was a lot of fun and a great success.

clean water being stored correctly in a safe storage container
Community meeting in Kapchiyili
clean water from the Saha business
Wahab chatting with the women who cook at the school in Gundaa about the importance of serving only clean drinking water at the school
Wahab speaking with the school children in Gundaa about how water affects health
Wahab’s friends at a household in Gunnda. Everyone is excited about drinking clean water!
Peter at the water business in Kideng
Asana starts her morning at the solar charging center by checking the battery charge on all of her customer’s cell phones
Today Kpenchila’s solar entrepreneurs met to discuss sales and their savings since opening their bank account
Charging cell phones!
Eric making friends while checking in at Komlanyili’s water business



There are a number of communities that have had to close their water business due to dry dugouts. These communities include Karayili, Kpalbusi, Chanaayili, Zanzugu, Zanzugu Yepala, Galizengu, Yakuru, Chihigu, Chandanyili, Jagberin and Kpachiyili. There were also a few communities that had issues with their water businesses and had to close for a while until they were able to reopen. These communities include: Original Kabache, Kasulyili, Dundo and Jabayili. We are working with these communitites to find solutions to their problems. As always, entrepreneurs are always encouraged to make announcements when the water centers are available for business!

Leaky buckets are always a challenge, but each time it happens is an opportunity for training. Here Amin and Peter (not pictured) are training a new Saha translator and a Fulaniwoman from Kpenchila, how to fix a leaky bucket.
Another big challenge in our communities is dried dugouts. This photo was taken in Zanzugu Yipela. There dugout was dried for almost 2 months before the rain started up and the community was forced to close their water business and travel elsewhere for water. In this photo, members of the community are digging the dugout deeper in hopes that it will not dry out next year.


Villages with problems at the solar centers are Chani, Nekpegu and Yepalsi. Chani and Nekpegu had lamp battery problems with their solar business. Our staff has been working with the women entrepreneurs to solve these battery issues. Additionally, Yepalsi has a broken inverter, which we hope to be replaced soon.

For detailed, week by week monitoring reports from March, click here.