#AhaSaha Reflections on the 2016 Winter GLP

It’s been just over a week since we said farewell to the 2016 winter Field Reps. Thanks to this group of amazing individuals, Saha was able to launch 11 new businesses, which provide jobs to 16 women (and 1 man). 2,330 people now have permanent access to safe drinking water and 1,728 people have access to reliable, solar electricity. Additionally, 14 of our water entrepreneurs have now been trained to run solar businesses, increasing their earning potential.

Ali, Brandon, Bridget, Ciara, DeLaine, Elaine, Emily, Hailey, Hannah, Hsinyo, Kevin, Michael, Michelle M., Michelle S., Pheobe, Sarah, Sienna, Trevon, Cynthia, Kayleah, Abbey, Alex, Ashley, Briahna, Camila, Cayla, Ellie, Hayley, Jason, Jeremy, Jessica, Karla, Leigh, Lucrece, Nicole, Oxwell, Rana, Sarah, Sean, Signe, Stacey, and Valeria –

We can’t believe that it’s been 10 days since we packed up the bus in Tamale with our fingers crossed for a quick ride down to Accra. We are so grateful that you all choose to donate your time, energy and talents to Saha to help us bring water and electricity to new communities. Thanks to your hard work and dedication, thousands of people’s lives have been changed forever. It has been such a joy to work with each and every one of you. There are hundreds of moments from this winter’s trip that we will never forget: the dance parties on the side of the road in Kumasi,┬áDamba festival, and the insightful conversations we had during debrief and office hours. We are so lucky to have you as members of the Saha Team!


Kate, Kathryn, Sam, Katie, and Redgie

Team Amin

team eric

Team Jaleel

team Khadijah

Team Nestor Naha

Team Peter

Team Sharifa

Team Simply

Team Sita

Team Shak