Prepping for Our Winter Field Reps in Ghana

Peter at a potential partner community’s current source of drinking water

My name is Biyam Peter and I am Saha’s Director of Ghana Programming. I have worked for Saha Global since 2008, when Saha was piloting their first water treatment business in Tamale.

I am currently working in Salaga, Saha’s sub-office located 4 hours southwest of Tamale, monitoring all of the villages in the surrounding area. Saha first implemented in this area in 2013 and since then I have managed the monitoring and the mapping of potential partner communities in the area, which makes me feel proud. I work in Salaga four days every week and get to Tamale for our normal staff meeting on Fridays, and get back to Salaga on Sunday to start a new week.

When in Salaga I monitor three villages a day. I check up on the businesses and talk to the ladies running the businesses. I talk to them to see how things are running, find out what their problems are and supply them with more aqua tabs if they need to buy more. I also visit six households in each village to see how people are doing with water in their households.

The guesthouse in Salaga where all of our Winter water field reps will stay!
The guesthouse in Salaga where all of our Winter water field reps will stay!

Aside from that, I also organize and prepare for the Global Leadership Programs. I have been counting down the days and cannot wait for December to get here! I have made the guesthouse arrangements for the Field Reps. I have checked to make sure we have the right amount of beds and that the water and electricity is running. I have met with the cooks at the guesthouse to be sure they are prepared. The cooks in Salaga are from my favorite restaurant in town called 4As. This is how the menu will go: fried rice, plain rice and chicken, jollof rice, fufu, plaintains. My favorite is the fufu. I have met with the cleaning ladies of the guesthouse to be sure they ready. I am also in charge of making sure all the translators and taxis are ready for the Fields Reps.

The villages in Salaga are so awesome and they always make me feel at home. I love the fufu there and the cow milk the Fulani give me. The most important thing about our expansion into Salaga is that I always feel like Saha needs to be there. People in this area are really lacking access to clean drinking water. I can see how much Saha is impacting these communities with their businesses and I have a list of potential partner communities for our Winter Field Reps to work in. I can’t wait for December to get here!

See you soon Winter Field Reps! I can’t wait to meet you all!