First Day in the Field

The Fellows started off the second day of Orientation with presentations on the Global Water Crisis, Water and Disease, different types of water treatment, and the CWS project model. After lunch, they finally got to see a CWS village in action. Armed with their new knowledge from Orientation, each team of Fellows headed out on site visits to see the water treatment centers in two separate communities in which CWS has already implemented. Three of the teams visited Bogu and Tindan, and the other two stopped in Kurugu Vohoyili and Gariezegu. Despite the dusty and bumpy ride, the Fellows were excited to see the villages firsthand and to practice a few greetings in Dugbani to the children that followed them all the way to the treatment center. They also took samples of the Dugout water in each community so that they can practice treating the water with alum tomorrow. The New Years celebration started with the revealing of the translators that they will be working with over the next 3 weeks! We headed off to a local favorite, Sparkles, to continue our celebration and ring in the new year!

Happy New Years from all of us in Tamale!!

Fellowship Leader Michelle gives a presentation on different water treatment interventions
Meghan, Emily and Thalia with their new pals in Bogu!
Bryan collecting dugout water to later use to learn how to treat it with alum
The fellows pose with treatment center entrepreneur Damu in Tindan!
Jimmy, Danielle, Brittany, Thalia, Jazmin and Michelle at Sparkles
Thalia easily won best dressed!
Anna, Sara, MJ, Caroline, Emily and Bimala
Jimmy having a blast learning some new moves from the cultural dancers
Brittany and Emily jump right in with the drummers