Shipping out!

This time next week 23 amazing fellows will be on their way to Ghana to implement into 6 more villages! We are anxiously awaiting their arrival and could not be more excited to welcome them to the team! It is going to be one fun Summer for CWS!

Without further a due I would like to introduce you to CWS’ 2012 Summer Fellows:

  • Abby Lebowitz– Colby College
  • Alexander Zorniger– Tufts University
  • Brie Reardon– University of Notre Dame
  • Brittni Woolwine– Virginia Tech
  • Cameron Glover– University of South Carolina
  • Evan Dent– Virginia Tech
  • Heidi Vreeland– Georgia Tech
  • Jennifer Kao– M.I.T.
  • Kelsey Barton-Henry– Middlebury College
  • Kelsey McDavid– Georgia Tech
  • Khadijah Qamar– Georgetown University
  • Krysta Falasca– MiamiUniversity
  • Leah Fessler– Middlebury College
  • Mark Moeremans– Boston College
  • Marwa Mubarek– Concordia University (Canada)
  • Matthew McMurray– Gettysburg College
  • Meagan Neal– Middlebury College
  • Megan Hanno– Boston University
  • Moriah Lynch– Miami University
  • Olivia Thompson– Meredith College
  • Sarit Cliffer– Virginia Tech
  • Tyler Milne– University of Virginia
  • Zoe Anderson– Middlebury College

Happy packing fellows! We can’t wait to meet you!

– The CWS Team