Session 2: Days 1 and 2

While we are sad to see the session 1 fellows leave Tamale in a couple days, we are excited for our fellowship adventure to continue with our 3 Session 2 teams! Their program officially began on Monday morning with their first day of orientation. We spent the morning reviewing our schedule or the next few weeks, getting to know each other through some fun team-building games and discussing the Global Water Crisis, ¬†Waterbourne Disease, and the different kinds of water treatment interventions that are used around the world. We then sent the teams off on the now-traditional CWS scavenger hunt through Tamale! The fellows had a blast learning the city, but unfortunately, they still haven’t found any Coke Lite for me (Kate)! It remains on the top of the list of most difficult items to find in Northern Ghana!


The Winners! Lina, Sarah, Shalyn, and Pranav
The first team to finish Sanita, Eleanor, Rachel and Fabiola. Unfortunately, they weren't as good as bargaining as Team #5!
Team #6, last but certainly not least (and definitely most stylish!)

The Fellows started off Day two with a quick lesson on how to roll balls of alum, which is one of the products that CWS uses to treat water in the communities we work in. They spent the rest of the morning learning more details about the history of Community Water Solutions and going over the village implementation process. The teams then practiced using the alum that they had rolled that morning in a sample of dugout water and finished off the day in the CWS lab. Its been a great couple of days and we can’t wait for the first day in the field tomorrow!

Team #5 Rolling Alum balls
Team #7
Team #5: Lina, Sarah, Pranav, and Shalyn rolling alum during alum

Adelina getting ready to take a sample of dugout water
Sarah practicing using alum in dugout water
Rachel trying out the alum
Sam learning how to use alum
Fabiola and Sanita performing their first water tests in the CWS lab
Eleanor and Sanita in the CWS lab


Teaching team #6 about water testing in the field

Pranav micropipetting a 1 ml of the water sample on the 3M petrifilm test


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