Saha continues to grow! Learn about our new office and team.

One of Saha’s superpowers (if we do say so ourselves!) is our ability to adapt and evolve based on the needs of our field team members, the entrepreneurs running the clean water businesses, and the communities who rely on those businesses. Over the past year, as our work has continued to grow and we’ve expanded into several key regions, we’ve needed additional capacity to maintain a high quality of customer care. As a result, we opened a new office last fall!

This expansion is exciting because it allows us to build and support additional clean water businesses for more remote communities and create new job opportunities for our team. The new office, located in Damdai in the Krachi East District of the Oti Region, will simultaneously serve as Saha’s main contact point in that region and accommodate the team of hard-working folks who will be setting up 62 new water businesses over the next year. Below, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the Customer Care team members in the Damdai office!

Jude, Service Delivery Manager

Meet Jude! Jude has been instrumental in identifying and confirming the location, staffing, and logistics for the new office. As the supervisor of the Damdai office team, Jude supports the team with all the tools and knowledge they’ll need to implement, support, and sustain clean water businesses.





Francis (left) and Divine (right), Frontline Coordinators

Meet Divine and Francis, the two frontline coordinators for the Damdai office! Divine and Francis support Saha’s field team members by ensuring that they have all the tools and materials needed to successfully carry out their jobs and improve the performance of water businesses. They help coordinate village visit schedules, track the performance of water businesses, use data to guide the Customer Care team in their daily priorities, perform lab tests on polytank and household water samples, communicate information from the Saha leadership team to the Customer Care team, and more! Their attention to detail and their knowledge of the field staff’s needs is an invaluable addition to the Damdai team.

When asked what their favorite part is about working with Saha, Divine says: “People who are hard to reach in rural communities get good, safe water to drink. This gives me so much joy and fulfillment.” Francis says: “I love the smiles, joy, and laughter from people on opening days for new water businesses. I also am glad to hear testimonials from community members that waterborne diseases have declined since they started drinking clean water provided by Saha.”

Sumaya (left) and Rahana (right), Frontline Supervisors

Meet Rahana and Sumaya, the frontline supervisors on the Customer care team! Rahana and Sumaya provide integral support to the frontline coordinators (Divine and Francis), field team members, and communities throughout the region. They oversee many components of the Customer care team and assist with sustaining the water businesses, troubleshooting, crafting solutions for any problems that arise, communicating between the field and office teams, and more. Their leadership and solutions-oriented skillset is critical to Saha’s success both in and out of the field!

When asked what their favorite part is about working with Saha, Rahana says, “I like helping my teammates resolve issues in the communities.” Sumaya echoes this: “I like being able to prevent and solve problems that could otherwise hurt the water businesses.”