Field Rep Voices: Team Bronte, Dzorsah, Hadley, Jill and Tiffany

With this post, we’re kicking off our “Field Rep Voices” segment for winter 18! What better way to keep you up to date with the progress of our 4 new water business implementations then to hear from our Field Reps themselves? Over the next few weeks, you’ll have the chance to hear from each team about the challenges and successes of all our new business. So without further ado, take it away, Team Dzorsah!

We have been having a great time in our village, Kujeri, in Ghana’s Northern Region! On our first day in the village, we met with the chief to propose our clean water business, and every day since then has gone incredibly well.

Mayama pours water to treat


Jill leads the way to the dugout


Over the past nine days, we have collected and monitored their current dugout water; selected our four female entrepreneurs (Asana, Abu, Mayama, and Mamemumat); and started building the treatment center. Our team has also loved exploring the Tamale market during our free time!

Mamemouna poses for her picture.

The entrepreneurs pour water to be treated
Bronte and Hadley balance work and fun

One of the most rewarding experiences was showing the clean and dirty 3M samples during the chief, elder, and community meetings. It was striking for everyone in the village to see the positive tests for bacteria and E.coli in their own dugout water sources for the first time – and it got everyone further inspired and enthusiastic towards building the sustainable center soon!

Ni kooliga!

Additionally, everyone in the village has been so friendly, welcoming, and grateful. One of the highlights was when the village chief presented us with a guinea fowl and 16 cassava yams to express his thanks! To balance work and play, we also play soccer with the kids most afternoons.

Our driver Hustla and our translator Dzorsah have been amazing, and make every dusty drive to Kujeri a good time (#SAHArmattan). We are so excited for the opening day of Kujeri’s clean water business this Thursday!

  • Bronte, Tiffany, Jill, and Hadley

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  1. Great work ladies. Thanks for showing the positive side for your generation and gender. We look forward to having more stories when you return.

  2. Truly amazing of what you all are able to accomplish in such a short time! Very excellent progress and keep up the great work!! Your hard work makes a difference to the village people lives! It is truly inspiring to help each other in the world and make lives better. Keep it up young ladies!

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