Meet Our Entrepreneurs: Samata from Gurumanchayili

Every month Saha’s Manager Eric sits down with one of our entrepreneurs to ask her about her work and life beyond Saha.

Samata was born in Wa in the Upper West Region. She later went with her father to live in Techiman. She was raised by her father in Techiman until she got married and moved to Gurumanchayili. Samatha has three children, one girl and two boys.

The water treatment business was implemented in Gurumanchayili in January of 2014 by Winter Field Reps, Danielle, MJ, Kallie & Brittany. “I remember how hardworking the Field Reps were and how much the kids in the community loved playing with them,” she said.

Samata mentioned that people used to complain about stomach cramps before, but that has minimized now that they have clean water to drink. “I am happy to working as the entrepreneur at the water treatment center. I am happy to be able to provide safe, clean drinking water for my community.”

In addition to running the water treatment center, Samata also picks shea nuts. She then makes into shea butter and sells it in the market.