CWS is Now Saha Global!

Dear CWS Donors, Supporters, and Friends,

I am thrilled to share some exciting news: Community Water Solutions has changed our name to Saha Global!
Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 4.18.55 PM
The new Saha identity is a reflection of our tremendous growth over the past six years. In November 2013, with the help of Ben Powell and Mark Moeremans, we piloted our new solar electricity program in the village of Wambong. This pilot was a huge success and lead to a new partnership with Boston-based company Next Step Living. Thanks to funding from their philanthropic program, Next Step Giving, we have been able to rapidly grow our solar program and have now launched five solar businesses that provide access to electricity to 2,500 people. We have also continued to expand our impact in water and are currently serving 38,108 people in rural Ghana with our 71 water businesses.

As Saha Global continues to grow our water and solar businesses, we remain committed to long-term monitoring in our current partner-communities, which we believe is the key to our 100% sustainability rate.

I am also very excited to share our new video, which you can view above. When you watch this video, I hope that you feel as proud as I do about  Saha’s impact, which would not have been possible with your generous support.

If you would like a new Saha Global sticker, enter your address here and we will mail you one!


Saha Global

Co-Founder & Executive Director