Voices from the Field: Team Nestor!

Our first visit to the village was more successful than we thought it would be! We thought that we would have the chief meeting and it wold be more business-like and they would tell us that they wold think about working with us. To our surprise, after the elders of Sagbarigu and some of the women warmed up to us, it felt more like a gathering – hanging out with old friends!

Katie gets handed off a baby! He looks a little unsure about the whole thing!

During the meeting, the elders continually told us how excited they were! They decided that they wanted to talk to their village and gather questions for the community meeting the next day.

Ana gets a baby on her back!
Ana gets a baby on her back!

Following the meeting, a woman led us to their stream while a bunch of kids followed behind. This stream is where the village is currently fetching their drinking water. We quickly collected samples of water from the stream and then got to see the village’s borehole that produces salty, undrinkable water. The remainder of our time in the village was spent getting to know the villagers. Nestor, our translator, brought his drum and we had a lot of fun taking pictures and dancing with the women and children! The kids really enjoyed having their pictures taken and Ana even got to back a baby!

– Team Nestor

(Alex, Katie, Ana and Nicole)

After a the chief meeting, Nestor starts up a beat on his drum for a dance party!
To no surprise, Nestor jumps in the middle to break it down