Home Sweet Home Away From Home

Trusty GILLBT Guest House - the Fellows' home for the next 3 weeks in Tamale!

After a thankfully uneventful, albeit long, 15-hour bus ride, the Spring Fellows have arrived in Tamale! They are all checked into our tried and true guest house, GILLBT. Incidentally, the Peace Corp is holding a big conference for their new volunteers at GILLBT for the next two weeks, so although this Spring’s program is small (only 1 team compared to our usual 7-9 teams), there will be plenty of awesome people around the guest house’s grounds for the Fellows hang out with during their downtime. Pretty cool!

Orientation starts tomorrow where Nick, Chelsea, Rich and Colleen will not only learn all about Ghana, Global Water Crisis, Water and Disease but they will also be learning the specifics about what CWS and other orgs like us are doing to try to solve this problem. Let the fun begin!

Now that Sam is at the office, our next post will hopefully be filled with lots of her pictures from orientation so stay tuned!