The Lovely Ladies of CWS

All across the world, women and girls disproportionately shoulder the responsibility of collecting water for their families. Their active engagement in any water project is therefore critical to project success! Here at Community Water Solutions, we make sure that women are involved in all aspects of community water treatment and that our collaboration brings about positive health, social and economic changes in their lives. In this post, we want to take a second to celebrate the hardworking, creative, entrepreneurial, social-minded and all around WONDERFUL ladies that make drinking clean water possible for 35 villages across the Northern Region. Without further adieu, meet some of the lovely ladies of CWS…

Peter met mma Ayisha and her daughter scooping water from Jagberin's dugout to clean their polytank.

Azara singlehandedly runs a treatment center in Kpalguni
Zaratu not only runs Kpalung's treatment center. She also sells and fixes safe storage containers for her community as well! She poses here in her house with her son.
Lasiche's daughter helps her mother with some of the heavy lifting at Tacpuli's treatment center. Her son, pictured here, isn't such a heavy load!
Mariam, the other women who runs Tacpuli's center, also works in her family's shea butter hand processing business
This small girl informed CWS staff that she is responsible for her family's drinking water. She lives in Kpalguni.
Baramini lives in the Chief's palace in Gidanturu, and runs the treatment center from there in the rainy season. Now that the days are dry, she sells water by Gidanturu's dugout.
The ladies of Yipela pitch in and scoop water to be treated in their community's center
The lovely Salamatu runs the treatment center in Chani with Muneera. In November, she gave a tour of Chani's facility to interested NGO representatives from Accra.
When Sanaa works at Kushini's treatment center, she usually brings her smallest son along with her. A new generation is learning the importance of clean drinking water from their enterprising mothers!
Ladies form an early morning queue beside Gilanzegu's treatment center on a reopening day

Without the inspiration and dedication of our women center operators, the ladies that help them, and their sisters, mothers and daughters that put in the extra effort to keep their families happy and healthy, none of what we do would be possible.

Thank you lovely CWS ladies!

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