Updates From the Field: A First Time for Everything

We have settled into a nice routine here in Tamale. We visit a handful of houses and check up on the treatment center in each village once every week or two. Even in the new villages our faces are familiar by now! And speaking of faces: I am trying my best to get pictures from each village so that those of you at home who remember your community can see how everyone is doing.

Rashid and his container, Iddrisuyili, Kpalguni
Peter and posse, Iddrisuyili, Kpalguni

The tricky thing about routines, though, is how easily they are broken! This was also definitely a week of firsts as well.

In Kadula, a runaway tractor (incredible mental image) got away from its owner after being ‘bathed’ in the dugout. It ran downhill and (naturally) hit Kadula’s treatment center. Luckily only the stand suffered any damage.

Tractor troubles, Kadula

The silver lining to this unfortunate incident is how well the community is doing literal damage control. When I arrived on Tuesday to speak with the chief and elders, they already had a plan for repairs and some new rules for vehicles around the dugout. I will keep you updated on their progress!

First of the groundnut (peanut) harvest at Tamalnaayili, Kadula
Sanatu and her baby, Tamalnaayili, Kadula

In Jagberin, Ayesha and Fulera decided that it was time to clean the polytank, so when we visited on Thursday we talked them through the process. In this split community each village ‘side’ takes a turn filling the blue drums, but this time they both pitched in to get everything cleaned quickly. We were pleasantly surprised to find the center up and running the next day.

Sayeeda and her Auntie, who had spoken to Ayesha about cleaning Jagberin

– Kathryn