The Summer Fellows Have Arrived!

After a crazy 31-hour adventure that involved a misunderstood directions, a “staff meeting” at the bus station (which caused a 4+ hour delay), a broken down bus, 9+ hours waiting for a new bus, a new bus, and finally, a 11 hour ride upto Tamale, our 2011 Summer Fellows have arrived!! We are so excited that they are finally here and are so impressed with their positive attitudes, resiliency, and pluck!

The group arrived at the bus station at 1pm this afternoon and we whisked them away to their guest house where they could shower (yay!), eat a big lunch and recover from their journey. Here are a few pictures from lunch-time to prove to all of the caring parents out there that everyone is happy, healthy and well fed!

Some of the boys enjoying their first meal at GILBT, chicken and rice!


Ready for a good meal!


Welcome to Ghana!


We're so happy you're here!


3/4 of the CWS Staff: Ayesha, Amin, Annie, Hannah, TJ, and Lukeman. (missing: Shak, Peter, and me!)