Monitoring at Jarigu and Nyamaliga


Since opening day at Jarigu on October 17th, 98% of the households in the village have visited the water treatment center at least once, while 74% have come a second time and almost 50% have come three times.  These are some of the best uptake and sustained use results that we have seen in any CWS village!


Alhassan selling water at the Jarigu Water Treatment Center


The rain has finally stopped in Northern Region Ghana and the path to the water treatment center at Nyamaliga is FINALLY dry enough to open the center.  Sanatu (the woman who runs the center in Nyamaliga) officially re-opened for business last week and has been very busy.  Right now she is opening the center about 5 times a week and plans to be open everyday once the dry season officially gets underway.  Currently,about 5 to 20 people are buying water each day and we expect this to increase as we move into the dry season. Here are some pictures from the re-opening at Nyamaliga:

Sanatu treating dugout water with alum
Getting some clean, healthy water at the Nyamaliga water treatment center!
The new sign at Nyamaliga
Happy customers on their way home with healthy drinking water



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