Meet Our Entrepreneurs: Zenabu from Changyili

Changyili - ZenabuZenabu is one of Saha Global’s newest entrepreneurs. She has been working alongside two other women from her community, Damu and Fuseini, to run the water business in Changyilli since June 2014. Before working with Saha, Zenabu was a farmer. Her favorite crop to grow is groundnuts (peanuts). She still finds the time to work on the farm for most of the day, opening the water treatment center in the early mornings and evenings.

Zenabu is a mother to eight children but sadly, two of them passed away when they were very young. She really enjoys being able to provide clean drinking water to the village of Changyili and thinks that it is very important for children to drink healthy water. Zenabu had a great time working with Field Reps Jeremy, Cara, Selana and Brielle last summer and frequently asks Shak, who monitors Changyili, to send her greetings to them!

Meet Our Entreprenuers: Fulera from Kalinka

Fulera with a few of her many grandchildren at the water treatment center in Kalinka
Fulera with a few of her many grandchildren at the water treatment center in Kalinka

Fulera is one of the three women who run the water business in Kalinka. She has been working to treat and sell water to her community since January 2013 – almost two years now! In addition to running the water business, Fulera is busy farming maize and groundnuts while also taking care of her many children and grandchildren. She has seven daughters and two sons and all but two of them have children of their own! Ten of Fulera’s grandchildren live with her in her home and they enjoy accompanying her to the water business in the morning.

Fulera says that she enjoys working at the water business because is gives her community good health. She would also like to pass along her greetings to Uroj, Ty, and Casey — her team of 2013 Winter Field Reps!

Meet Our Entrepreneurs: Ayi from KuruguVohoyili

pic-story-entrepreneurs-KuruguVohoyili-AyiAyi is one of the water and solar entrepreneurs in KuruguVohoyili. She is 60 years old and has 7 children. Ayi was born and raised in Tibogo before moving to KuruguVohoyili to marry her husband. She has been running the water business with her partner Fuseina since January 2012, when she worked with Saha Field Reps Zander, Michelle, Peter and Janelle to open the water treatment center. Ayi and Fuseina were later selected by their community to also run the solar business when it opened in March 2014. Ayi says that she enjoys working at the water business because she is proud to be giving clean water to her community. Her favorite part of running the solar business is that the community now has less scorpion bites because their lanterns allow them to see at night! Click here to read about other Saha Entrepreneurs!

Meet Our Entrepreneurs: Damu from Balamposo

Balamposo - Damu FEATUREDamu is one of our newest water entrepreneurs! She opened her business this past June after working with 2014 Summer Field Reps Haley, Hannah, Julia and Caroline. She is 48 years old and is the mother to six children. In addition to running her water business, Damu is also a farmer. Her favorite crop to grow is groundnuts (known to many of us as peanuts)! So far, Damu has really enjoyed her work and says that she is very happy to be providing clean drinking water to her community.

Meet Our Entrepreneurs: Abiba From Wambong

pic-story-entrepreneurs-featured-abibaAbiba, or as she is affectionately called, Chang Chang, runs both the water and solar businesses in the village of Wambong. She is a wife, farmer, and mother of 8. Chang Chang joined the Saha Global team in June 2010 when she partnered with a team of Summer Field Reps to open her water business. After successfully running her water business for three years, Chang Chang was nominated by her community to also run Wambong’s solar business. The solar charging center opened in November of 2013 and since then, Chang Chang and her business partner, Salima, have more than tripled their annual income. These amazing women were even the first women in their village to open their own bank account!