Expansion and Growth Means Opportunity and Promotions!

As Saha continues to expand to new geographic hubs throughout northern Ghana, we need skilled teammates to manage ongoing Customer Care services in those areas.  Luckily for us, we have a team of smart, hard-working, highly capable people ready for new challenges!  In the last 6 months, we’ve have the most promotions and team movements ever!  We’re really proud to create not just clean water businesses in rural villages, but good jobs and opportunities to advance for our team.

Eric Awini and Jude Esang: Operations Managers, Customer Care.







As the Customer Care team has grown and grown, it was getting unwieldy for one person to manage.  Jude and Eric are able to make sure that Customer Care in Krachi looks like it does in Salaga, and Tamale, and Yendi, and Bimbilla, and Buipe (you get the picture!) They make sure all the teams have consistent messages, educational techniques, and water quality  across 360 clean water businesses.  Prior to this role, Jude was the Operations Coordinator for Tamale West, and Eric had most recently been the Operations Coordinator for Satellite teams, getting both Buipe and Bimbilla regions set up last year.

Aisha Tijani, Kamil Zakari, and Asita Abubakari, Operations Coordinators and Rahana Abubakari, Satellite Front-Line Supervisor













When we open new geographical zones, we hire local front-line teammates for both implementation and Customer Care.  By hiring locally, we can add teammates with deeper knowledge of the area and appropriate language skills.  Remember, Ghana has over 80 languages spoken, and making sure we can communicate in our communities is a huge priority!  Aisha and Kamil both moved from the implementation team to their new roles based in Krachi and Yendi.  Asita is a long-time teammate who started as a translator back in 2014 and now is the Operations Coordinator for Salaga.  Rahana has been a Customer Care Teammate in Tamale since 2019.  She is filling a newly created position, the Satellite Front-Line Supervisor, so she will be traveling to our smaller zones like Bimbilla, Kpandai, and Yendi to provide field-based support and training for new front-line teammates and businesses.

Amin Bangaham Mohammed, R&D Supervisor, and Shirazu Yakubu, Implementation Supervisor







Bangaham has been leading the Implementation Team for the past year, helping us work during the pandemic and spearheading our most ambitious period of expansion.  He’ll be moving over to Team Research and Development (R&D) to support critical projects that ensure we are providing the best we can for our communities.  Taking his place is Shirazu, who has been a stalwart member of Implementation Team since 2019.  Both have lost count of how many new businesses they have opened!

Gloria Asenso-Kumi, Training Manager

All these new teammates means that someone needs to be onboarding and training them full-time.  Last year, Gloria took on the new role of Training Coordinator, and her responsibilities and expertise have expanded dramatically.  She’s one of the first faces newly hired teammates meet, and also ensures every member of our team from the managers to the admin to the drivers are up-to-date on policy and procedure, and helps every teammate expand their skills and grow professionally.

Mohammed Kailan, Expansion Manager

Since he joined Saha, Kailan has been in charge of all aspects of expansion at one time or another – moving from Implementation Supervisor to Expansion Supervisor where he has overseen our Scouting Team.  This year, he took on Implementation Team as well, so he is responsible for every new community from first visit until the business is opened.  He’s always ten steps ahead of the rest of us to make sure we know where there are villages we can help!

Gbandan Francis (Blessing), Stakeholder and Government Relations Manager

Blessing’s responsibilities have increased dramatically in the past few years.  First and foremost, he has to make sure Saha is properly registered in every district we work in – not easy now that we work in 22 districts across three regions!  Blessing also manages our relationships with government agencies like Ghana Water Company and Community Water and Sanitation Agency and peer NGOs working in the sector.

Every day we appreciate how lucky we are to work with such a stellar team!