Applications for the Winter 2018 Global Leadership Program close October 25th, 2017. Click here to stay updated.

The Global Leadership Program is a three-week water-education and leadership-training program, which takes place in Northern Region Ghana. The purpose of the program is to teach individuals about the global water crisis, and inspire them to become leaders in the field of international development and water management. Field Representatives are grouped in teams of four and paired with a rural community in Northern Region Ghana. Teams are trained in water quality testing and Saha Global’s water treatment methods, as well as community mobilization best practice. They then spend two weeks implementing and monitoring a Saha water business in a new partner community.  This business provides a source of clean drinking water to the entire community for the first time.

Saha is looking for a multidisciplinary group of passionate and talented young leaders who:

  • Feel passionately about the global water crisis and social justice, global public health, and women’s empowerment more broadly.
  • Push themselves outside their comfort zones.
  • Approach unanticipated challenges with flexibility, humility, and positivity.
  • Think critically and listen openly to others, embracing a range of perspectives and experiences while remaining open to having their own perspectives shift.
  • Show a commitment to inclusivity and collaboration across cultures and language barriers.

If this sounds like you, Saha invites you to fill out an application or join in a free, online info session to learn more!


Meet Our Entrepreneurs: Azaratu from Vene

Azaratu from Vene

Amin sat down with Azaratu, one of our newest entrepreneurs, to get her thoughts on the first month running a water business with Mata!

Azaratu grew up in Chihigu, another Saha community! She moved to Vene when she married her husband, who is from Vene. Together they have 6 kids.

Before the Saha water business opened, Azaratu used to harvest shea nuts to make shea butter, and she harvested wood to make charcoal. She also farms and during the dry season goes fishing!

Ti’pagya, Azaratu!

Vene’s water business opened last month (shoutout to #sahydrated), and Azaratu says the change in taste of her drinking water (from dugout water to clean water) has been great!

When Amin asked her what her favorite part about the Saha business was she said, “I was happy to see the field reps and talk to them about opening the clean drinking water center for our village. And I’m also happy the field reps told us after they leave people from Saha will still come, and you really show up!”

We’re so excited to keep showing up for you, Azaratu! Keep up the amazing work!