Several months ago we had a number of inquiries from recent Saha Global alumni about the availability of shirts, mugs, or other gear to show their support. After careful consideration, collaboration, polling, and number crunching, we have decided to make several designs/items available to Saha supporters!

By purchasing Saha gear, you are supporting the process that is at the heart and soul of program. That is, you envision an ongoing process of helping communities thrive, not survive. You support the process of educating individuals and the subsequent ongoing sustainability in order to build a business that meet their community’s basic needs and improve their quality of life.

The availability of these items is not limited to anyone! If you’re alumni who have been looking for a way to engage others about the work you did abroad – we’ve got you covered. If you’re a soon-to-be participant in the Global Leadership Program and you want to don some new threads while working in the Northern Region – look no further. If you’re a donor (past, present, future) and you support the ongoing work of Saha Global – grab a tee and share how your contribution helped combat the global water crisis.

But we wanted to do more than just sell gear, we wanted to make this campaign, which we’re dubbing #Sahaswag, interactive. If you are to purchase gear and upload a photo of you with your gear to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #SahaSwag, then you will be automatically entered into an ongoing monthly feature on our website! Selfies, serene settings, and of course, jumping photos, are all strongly encouraged.

Mahamuyili - Savannah Eughenia Yi Chelsea SMLL
What’s even BETTER about this project? 100% of the proceeds generated from it will be directed back into the ongoing programs to improve the quality of life of those in the developing regions in which Saha works.
We hope to eventually make gear available on an ongoing basis and we’re open to suggestions on what to make a staple in our inventory. In our Google Form, you will find a section at the bottom to include questions, comments, sizing suggestions, additional orders, etc. You remain a part of who we are and who we will continue to be, so your opinion is important! Thanks for your continued attention and support!


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Bryant Foreman
Saha Global Alumni Advisory Board Co-Chair
Summer, 2013 Global Leadership Program

July Monitoring Report

July Monitoring Summary
July Monitoring Summary


Villages Visited:

Week 1: Kagbal, Kurugu Vogyili, Laligu, Yepalsi, Balomposo, Jukuku, Kpengiyili, Changyili, Jangbarigiyili, Sabonjida, Gidanturu, Chanaayili, Tunga, Kideng, Kabache, Jarayili, Warvi, Sagbarigu, Chandanyili, Tijo, Tindan, Naha, Galinkpegu, Gondaa, Chihigu, Bamvim, Kpanshegu, Changbuni, Yepala, Kpalguni II, Futa, Cheko, Jarigu, Vogyili, Djelo, Kanjeyili, Bagyili, Dawunyili.

Week 2: Jukuku, Kpengiyili, Yakaru, Jangbarigiyili, Balomposo, Changyili, Zanzugu Yepala, Zanzugu, Galinzegu, Yapalsi, Kpalyn, Laligu, Wovugumani, Gburma, Janakpeng, Wovugu, Manguli II, Changbuni, Futa, Chani, Tantuyani, Cheko, Takpli, Yepala, Kpanshegu, Kpalguni II, Sankunpe, Mahamuruyili, Tohinaayili, Nekpegu, Kalinka, Kpanayili, Gurumachayili, Kudula.

Week 3: Chani, Changbuni, Chandanyili, Changyili, Kpalguni, Kpanshegu, Sagbarigu, Tantuani, Wambong, Yakura, Balamposo, Gundaa, Jangbarayili, Kpaliguni II, Nymaliga, Warivi, Yepela, Zanzugu, Galinkpegu, Gburma, Janakpeng, Manguli II, Naha, Wovugu, Wovugumani, Banvim, Komlanyili, Kpenchila, Tijo, Tindan
Week 4: Kushini, Jarayili, Gidanturu, Kideng, Tunga, Indigenouse Kabache, Kagburashe, Libi, Gbung, Kpalyn, Lalgu, Yepalsi, Changyili, Yakura, Jabayili, Jangbarigiyili, Balomposo, Galinzegu, Zanzugu, Zanzugu Yepala, Kuruguvohuyayili, Sagbarigu, Kpalguni I, Chandanyili, Namdu I, Namdu II, Naha, Galinkpegu, Gondaa, Warvi, Chihigu, Sakpalua, Kpenchila, Bamvim, Wovugu, Gburma, Wovugumani, Manguli II, Cheko, Jarigu, Futa, Kpalguni II, Tantuyani, Takpli, Yepala, Kpanshegu, Changbuni, Kulaa, Moya, Vogyili, Gurumanchayili, Komonaayili, Kalinka, Nekpegu, Kuldanali, Tindan.
Week 5: Sagbarigu, Kulaa, Moya, Kideng, Tunga, Futa, Jarigu, Yepela, Tindan, Jukuku, Original Kabache, Kadula, Kpingiyili, Gidanturu, Yapalsi, Namdu, Namdu II, Indigenous Kabache/Kasawuripe, Tantuani, Gundaa, Kpaliguni II, Tacpuli, Kpenchila, Sakpalua, Vogyili, Yakura, Balamposo, Jangbarayili, Chihigu, Gbung, Kagbarashe, Libi, Buhijaa, Kanjiyili, Chandanyili, Kpalguni, Banvim, Komlanyili, Galinzegu, Kalinka, Nekpegu, Zanzugu, Changbuni, Kpanshegu, Changyili, Gurumanchayili, Kombonaayili, Galinkpegu, Naha, Kurugu Vohyili, Cheshegu, Kagbal, Kpanayili

Success Stories:

All of the newly implemented villages from the GLP Summer 2016 are running very well!

The following villages had 6/6 during at least 1 visit: Sagbarigu, Naha, Galinkpegu, Warvi, Moya, Tindan II.

Kalinka, Moya, Komonaayili, Gburma, Kushini and Kagburashe are planning ahead to move their centers as their dugouts are getting flooded.

There are 18 new households (16 Fulani) in Tunga and Peter gave them safe storage containers.

The entrepreneurs of Kushini plan to open a bank account soon!


As it’s the rainy season, most of the villages have low sales with their water business because people are harvesting rainwater.

Villages that have problems with their water businesses are:
Chandanyili, Tijo, and Laligu have dry dugouts, and their centers are closed. Chandanyili plans to move the center to a new dugout. Djelo and Sagbarigu polytank taps were leaking and they couldn’t treat water, but that is fixed now. Kalinka and Chandanyili polytank taps broke and have been fixed.During lab testing week some households came out with total coliform and E. coli. Staff followed up with households that came out with positive results and give advice.

Villages with problems with their solar businesses are:
Kurugu Voyili, Djelo, and Vogyili complain of lamp batteries problems. They don’t last long after charge and sometimes people don’t want to pay for batteries that are not well charged. The door to Djelo solar center is broken by a storm and needs to be fixed. Two families in Chani have purchased batteries for their lamps, and some other people in that village want to buy batteries too. Nekpegu and Chani have complaints about their lamps and lamp batteries. Yapalsi has a genset problem but they have electricity now. It was mentioned that Kpanshegu had some households complaining of not getting lamps during implementation and Amin is to find out from the assembly man why their names were omitted from the household list. Bamvim solar center was leaking and has been fixed now. With Solar, Kurugu Vohoyili batteries are dead and Nekpegu have no battery chargers as all are broken. There is a plan to have a meeting in Nekpegu with the community to discuss price for charging phones as women entrepreneurs complain.