First Day in Tamale for our 2015 Winter Field Reps!

All 14 of our Winter Field Reps have arrived in Tamale and we could not be more excited to kick off the program today!

After a 13 hour bus ride from Accra and an early arrival into Tamale this morning at 4:30am, the field reps zombied right into their beds at Gillbt for some much needed sleep. We started the day together at noon with some Red Red (a local Ghanian red bean concoction) with fried plantains. We got to know each other more over a good game of Giranamo and then had the Ghana 101 presentation to get everyone acquainted to their life over the next 3 weeks.

Kathryn presenting Ghana 101
Kathryn presenting Ghana 101


Marsha, Orlando & Jake fight for seat in Giranimo


With a crash course on Tamale, everyone was put into their teams and sent off on a scavenger hunt to put their knowledge to the test.

Orlando, Jenni, Kiana & Julia take a selfie in front of the Central Mosque, one of the items on their scavenger hunt
Marsha, Sarah & Jake with their proudest of scavender hunt items-- a yam, callabash and cloth
Marsha, Sarah & Jake with their proudest of scavenger hunt items– a yam, callabash and cloth
Marlena, Aly & Sofia
Marlena, Aly & Sofia made it back last but had a blast!

Welcome to Ghana 2015 Winter Field Reps!

This afternoon, the last of our 2015 Winter Field Reps arrived safely in Accra and boarded the bus to Tamale. Internet is a little spotty right now, but we will hopefully be posting pictures of our awesome group tomorrow! Despite some long travel days, everyone is in great spirits and exited to arrive up North to kick off orientation tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates from the field!


Happy Holidays from Saha Global

Happy Holidays from Saha Global! It’s an exciting time for us, as we’re getting ready to welcome the newest group of Saha Field Representatives to Ghana later this week!

Stay tuned for pictures and updates of their work, and in the meantime, best wishes to you and yours from all of us.

(Holiday) Cheers!

– Team Saha

A winter wonderland - Tamale style
A winter wonderland – Tamale style