CWS through a “Smitten & Hooked” lens

I met Lucy Parker Randall from Smitten and Hooked at my brother’s wedding. Her style, energy and talent can hardly go unnoticed! And when it came time for my wedding planning to begin, there wasn’t even a question of who would photograph it.

It was my wedding weekend, when Lucy told me “I want to come to Ghana!” A statement made by many, followed up by few. It was two months later when she called to talk dates so that she could mark her calendar and buy her flight! We were stoked!

This past Winter Fellowship Program Lucy donated two weeks of her time to come to Ghana and document CWS in the field. Whether it is the smiling face of a child, a simplistic picture of a safe storage container, the emotion on a woman’s face or the joy of someone drinking their clean water for the very first time, her photographs are truly works of art. We are so thankful for her donated time in Ghana to capture Community Water Solutions entrepreneurs, communities and fellows. The pictures are beyond beautiful and are now our main source for any picture we need.

Though we definitely have our favorite pictures, every time I go through the hundreds of pictures I stumble on another favorite. This year at our Third Annual Benefit we will be not only showcasing Lucy’s pictures, but you will be able to take them home with you! Discounted bird tickets are still available so click here to get yours today!