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Saha Global (formerly known as Community Water Solutions) empowers women in rural communities to solve their village’s need for clean water and electricity by providing business opportunities. How do we do it? We bring leaders from around the world to Ghana through our Global Leadership Program where they train local women to launch profitable social enterprises. All of the revenue from these businesses stays in the community and is managed by the women entrepreneurs. To date, Saha Global has launched 74 clean water businesses and 8 solar electricity businesses, which empower 178 women entrepreneurs who serve 39,534 people. 100% of these businesses are still in operation today. Want to know what Saha means? Check out our story!

Bringing Opportunities to:

Water Businesses

Saha Global water entrepreneurs use local products to treat contaminated water from their community and make it safe to drink. They then sell this water at an affordable price. more

Solar Businesses

Saha Global solar entrepreneurs run businesses that provide electricity to members of their community. more

Featured Entrepreneur

Zuweira from Kpenchila

Featured Fellow Alumni

Iyi Okunlola, Summer 2013 Winter Field Rep