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Water Businesses

Water Businesses

For the past six years, Saha Global has worked exclusively in the Northern Region of Ghana, where we have launched 78 water businesses that provide safe drinking water to 40,900 people.

Saha water entrepreneurs use local products to treat contaminated water from their local community sources and make it safe to drink. They then sell this water at an affordable price to members of their community. Saha Global does not drill wells or use imported pumps that can, and often do, break down. All of the water is transported by hand from the dugout, treated by hand in the village and then carried home by the consumer. 100% of the revenue from the water businesses stays in the community and is managed by the women entrepreneurs, and is used to cover the cost of the water treatment materials and to compensate the entrepreneurs for their work. Click through the picture gallery below to learn more about the treatment processes currently in use at the water businesses in Ghana.

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