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Our Approach

Our Approach

Saha Global provides access to safe drinking water to rural communities in Northern Region Ghana. We partner with rural communities who lack access to safe drinking water, but do have access to contaminated surface water sources. We then train local women to use locally available products to treat the contaminated water and make it safe to drink. The women then sell the clean water to their community at an affordable price.

Saha donates the capital equipment needed to start each businesses, but does not provide any financial support after the business is open. This initial donations helps to keep the cost of running the business low-enough that the entrepreneurs can charge their community, where most people live on less than $2/day, affordable prices for their services. Each business is  completely owned and operated by the women entrepreneurs and are financially sustainable.

Saha will not implement a new businesses unless we have raised the funds for 5 years of monitoring and evaluation. Even including this cost, our water businesses are a fraction of the cost of drilling a well or borehore. Our team visits about 15 communities each day to check-in with the women entrepreneurs, offer businesses advice and long-term training. We believe that our commitment to monitoring, combined with our use of simple and locally available technology, has been the key to our sustainability rate.

Once Saha established a relationship with a specific community, we then work with the community leadership to identify other needs that are drastically affecting the village’s quality of life. When these needs align with our mission, Saha may provide other businesses opportunities to address them. To date, we have launched 28 solar businesses which provide light and electricity to communities who previously lacked access. Learn more about our solar businesses here.

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