#sahappy2behere – Reflections on the 2017 Winter Global Leadership Program

It’s crazy to think that less than a week ago we were saying farewell to the 2017 Winter Field Reps. Thanks to this group of awesome, driven individuals, Saha was able to partner with with 9 communities in Northern Ghana to open 7 new water treatment businesses and 2 new solar charging businesses, which provide jobs to 21 new entrepreneurs. 1,664 people now have permanent access to safe drinking water and 752 people have access to reliable, clean solar electricity. Additionally, 5 of our water entrepreneurs have now been trained to run solar businesses, increasing their earning potential!

Alex C, Alex K, Ann, Becky, Caleb, Caroline, Celine, Elijah, Erin, Joanne, Kalin, Kevin, Laura, Lexie, Louis, Matt, Maureen, Micah, Mona-Mae, Morgan, Nikita, Olivia, Qingyi, Sarah, Shaminika, Shane, Shanelle, Shannon, Terynek, Tess, Walker, Wyatt, Yu and Zulean,

We can’t believe that just under a week ago, we packed our bags and loaded up in front of GILLBT for the last time! We are so grateful for the excitement, enthusiasm, hard-work and positivity that you brought to team Saha. Because of you, thousands of people are living their lives with more opportunities for health and happiness. It was such a pleasure to work with all of y’all, and we consider ourselves lucky to count you as part of Sahayili! As you head off to your next impactful adventures, please don’t forget your community and all of us here at Saha, and let us know what we can do to further your missions. 

With gratitude,

Amin, Eda, Eric, Kathryn, Morganne, Peter, Shak & Wahab

And now … for the jumping pics!

Eric, Iddrisu, Erin, Qingyi, Sarah and Shane in Chihigu


Elijah, Kalin, Ann and Wahab in Defisa


Wyatt, Caleb, Joanne, Shanelle and Shak in Jagberin


Celine, Laura, Olivia, Matt, and Nestor in Juni


Terynek, Micah, Shannon and Becky in Labariga


Morganne, Mona, Simply and Alex in Kpumi


Walker, Shamanika, Sita, Lexie and Tess (not shown) in Parishenaaya


Louis, Alex, Caroline and Maureen in Tuya

















Field Rep Voices: Team Alberta, Kevin, Nikita, Yu and Zulean

Zuro to Hero!

Our time in Ghana is flying by, and we couldn’t be happier than to say that we’ve been spending our time in the amazing village of Zuro in Ghana’s  Northern Region. Zuro is a small village of just 13 households, but the people are extremely warm and friendly and have accepted us with open arms! Our first day in the community involved our team (with the help of our lovely translator Alberta) meeting with the  village’s chief and getting his permission to start our business.

Team Alberta with Zuro’s Chief

With his blessing, we moved forward step by step, and over the past  few days we have successfully completed tasks like painting our polytank stand, assembling our safe storage containers, installing our drums and polytanks, and testing our dugout water as well.

(Don’t tell anyone but of course there have been a few surprises and snags along the way, but #WhenInGhana you learn to roll with the punches!)

Every day has lead to new progress for our team,  and we have  continued to forge new bonds with our village, especially with our incredible entrepreneurs Sakina and Abbiba, who couldn’t be more helpful and gracious.

We are constantly being surprised by the similarities that we all share, and how we can still communicate and work together, no matter the barriers, be they cultural, linguistic, or social, and achieve our goals.

As we quickly approach the opening of our water business later this week, we couldn’t be more excited than to continue to forge new  connections and bonds with the citizens of Zuro as we go from household to household distributing safe storage containers and explaining the benefits of drinking the clean water we  have worked so hard to provide. It’s crazy to think of how far we have come, from  having ZURO clue what we were doing in Ghana, to assimilating into our village and successfully creating a clean water business from  the ground up! More to come! 🙂

-Team Alberta FOREVER